Easy User Ban by Siropu

Easy User Ban by Siropu 1.4.4

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"Maximum Users to Ban/Unban at Once" could not be set to 0.

Ban/unban notifications do not get posted when the action is taken from ACP.
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Added option to post thread notifications for warning bans.
Fixed a bug with banned avatar crop offset position.
Fixed a bug in quick unbanning.

A new phrase has been added for quick unbanning confirmation message.
Added option to search for banned users in the Easy User Ban moderator log.
Display ban length in the Easy User Ban moderator log.
  • Added option to set a custom banned avatar path.
  • Added option to disable ban/unban links in member profile, member card, thread posts, profile posts and conversation posts.
  • When unbanning a user, banned ips will also be unbanned.
  • Added a new option in Easy User Ban moderator log to display banned IPs (Permission based)
Fixed a phrase misspelling when banning.
Added option to ban user IP. This option is permission based.
New phrases have been added for each ban/unban action response.
Added option to enable banned avatar for banned users.
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A bug with recent and expiring bans widget on banned users list.
Added option to post ban/unban notifications in threads/posts.


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Allows you to enable/disable ban reason and choose to display the reason in a tooltip or not.


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Moderator log now link usernames to their profile.

A bug in conversation messages displaying ban option for moderator/admin messages has been fixed.


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