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a% suggested a CMS, b% wants an article system, others want blog, gallery, wiki and so on.

So why not just a Content Management Framework ( CMF ) where you can create them all? The more I think of it, I can say that it's like a phpMyAdmin for content :D

I think this is the typical workflow of a CMF from a users point:
  1. Create a Content Type (i.e. blog)
  2. Create a Field Group and associate it for that Content Type
  3. Add custom fields into that Field Group.
  4. (Optional) Create and associate a Categories Group for that Content Type.
  5. (Optional) Add categories to that "Categories Group".
  6. Create a "View" for that Content type - this will what users see in your site.
  7. (Optional) Create a "Form" for that Content Type if you want your users to submit content.
  8. Same step can be done if you want to create another Content Type, i.e. an article system.
  1. ExpressionEngine (EE) - by far this is my personal favorite. The hard thing about EE is creating the "View" part if you're a beginner. You have to study its own template tags and documentation before you can create a "View". The good thing about this is you have full control of your "View" - you can load a bunch of useless CSS and HTML tags or you can write SEO-friendly, semantic code.
  2. ProcessWire - it has similarities to EE and creating the "View" part is also a little bit hard - it uses PHP as templating system.
  3. IPB IP.Content - I think most here already knew this one. This somehow address the hard thing of creating a "View" in EE and ProcessWire. I think it lacks thorough documentation though.
  4. WordPress+WP-Types plugin - very easy to use, you just click and click and it's done. But I don't like WordPress (n) Don't ask me why...
  5. Drupal 8 - I have never used Drupal before and I just tested Drupal 8 (beta?). Its UI is a little bit confusing but it can do the steps outlined above. But IMO it's very bloated CMF (n)
  6. Craft CMS - a new one but without built-in categorization of content (n)
Though there's an upcoming CMF add-on: think it's not really a true Content Management Framework because it just rely the content from forums.

Regarding the Resource Manager, I think it can be turn into a CMF if:
  • it has custom fields
  • it can have multiple instances of RM
  • each instance of RM can have different custom fields
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This would be extremely powerful - with a little tweaking it could be used for almost anything :). Would love to see this!

I've got lots of things that I want to port over to XF, but I'm hoping that an extensible RM will open up the possibility to add lots of database style features (recipes, project plans, vendor directory). They are so closely part of the forum (users, commenting, style, tc.) that I'd much prefer to avoid a bridge with something like Drupal.


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Though there's an upcoming CMF add-on: I think it's not really a true Content Management Framework because it just rely the content from forums.

I think there's an important distinction there that you might be missing. Based on the developer's explanation, their CMF is using the existing *thread* content type with modifications to handle article comments, etc. It's not "forum" content, necessarily. But it could be displayed either way if you wanted that.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how it works until they release it, but it seems to me that its a very flexible way of handling the data.


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As what I have understand, its content will still be saved the sames as the forum content and only the formatting will change depending on type. But, yeah we'll have to wait and see. Just edited my original post.