Add-on Content Management

Daniel Hood

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Something I started working on last night. This is something I'll be working on for the next few weeks unless the review system gets funded and takes off.

Below are an example of two different tables I made. Each table has settings for the template file that's used to render the data. I quickly threw together two different templates in order to show that you can set a template for each table. The table one will be the default, each field you add to the table will display as a column (each field will try and render as a phrase). The other one is an example of me using it as a possible news system. Each table also has a setting for "add_content_phrase", whatever you put there will try and render with a phrase.

Field types, currently I just have boolean, int, or string as the options. I will be adding more to enable bbcode (with the editor), along with other types. I have some pretty cool ideas for this.

XMContent_News.png XMContent_Table.png

Just wanted to give a preview.

Daniel Hood

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Form submission is set up now. The field names will be turned into phrases. Fields will be able to have description text (the text under the software version input).

After.png Form.png

[EDIT] just realized the title of the page changes to the site name intsead of the name of the table. fixing that now.