Is there a good content management system addon for Xenforo?

The content management system for vB5 is out. I don't think there is a content management system built in to Xenforo yet. Is there a reliable addon out there?

(We use the vB4 content management system for news and jobs).

Or is there a reliable integration between Xenforo and Joomla?


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No real CMS for XF - a couple decent Wordpress bridges - each with different capabilities.

There is the new Ezine add-on which is a article (CMS-type) system.

There is Xencarta, a wiki which is effectively an article and category system (lite).

A new version of Xenporta is being developed as we speak - it's a portal system which will have some CMS features.

Look around a bit and see if those or anything else might fit your needs.