XF 2.2 Is there a star rating system for posts?


Users on my site have requested a star rating system as that's what they had on their old forum, I think vBB, and I'm trying to please all.

I searched and see an add-on but think it's only related to the thread, not individual post and user, but I also see numerous posts that are simply one post in the thread and no answer relating to this discussion.

Is there a way/add-on already for rating people's posts out of 5 stars say, and having that number be displayed below or somewhere on a users profile?

Thanks in advance. Not sure if this is a feature request or not.
The closest thing is Q&A threads where replies can be upvoted/downvoted and you can sort by the number of votes to see the top answer (akin to 5 stars being the top).
This might work for you:
Thank you for posting. That is pretty snazzy. I think what users want is to rate each post so that a users rating could be displayed under their name based on all their posts being rated over time. It's just a nostalgia thing for them as whatever forum software they used two decades ago, had it.

I don't think it's a bad system per se so am looking at how to request/offer a job for someone to code/implement it I guess.

But, I appreciate your help in trying to find a solution very much!
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