Is there something like a randomiser & image rating add on for the gallery? (hot or not style)


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Hi all,

New to Xenforo and still in the earlier days of configuring our forum, been 20+ years since I last fiddled with a BBS. Hoping this is the appropriate forum section / cotnent.

Just checking if my search-fu is coming up weak, wondering if there is an add on (or something otherwise that can accomplish this). Basically goal is to have an image from the media gallery come up at random and prompt a user to rate it in a user friendly window, ideally one click rating.

Running a hobby site / forum and was looking for a widget to pup up with the ability to rate a miniature (either as a registered user or a guest). Something similar to this:

edit Looks like they are running Xenforo as well, wondering if they have used a plugin and adapted it or if it's all custom dev (.e. if the image gallery is even using Xenforo)

Have found the below threads:

Ideally could grab a plugin, but can dive in myself. I'm no web dev / coder, but not averse to fidlling with code, have been able to get into a bit of CSS and php (to the extent of grabbing / understanding code online and tweaking to my needs) on our main site. If I have finally hit a tinkering wall with this idea and need to relearn properly (again, 20+ years!), won't be wasted effort, just pushes timelines out.

The media Gallery sort of already has this feature! (when you click on any image) Just without the random element and the layout isn't conducive to one click rating, i.e. not really scrollable (one big image, big star bottons, one big comment box - essentially just the image and the form that appears when 'leave a rating' is clicked, on one page with a randomizer would work).

Editing the existing window and just figuring out the randomiser might be the best approach but worried about it breaking on updates? Better to make something new?(Not as simple os Wordpress child themes). Recall that being an issue with olderr BBS software, customised to the extent it was near impossible to update to later software version from the main branch.

For those with a bit more coding knowledge, am I dreaming in that this is doable just with a bit of research on the specific bits of code? (particularly wondering if it will cause login issues etc.) Seems to be fairly specific so hope a bit of google and editing some code would be enough, vs learning from basics and building up from understanding of all base tools to achieve something.

It looks like I could get my head around finding the media gallery code and randomizing pointing to a specific image i.e community/media/thistheimagename/. Adding a next button is simple as well. Could also pop into the main site in an iframe.

Going a bit further logic seems fairly simple overall: (?)

  • Figure out coding to grab a random media image from a specific folder
  • Pick the elements from that page to display
    • (i.e. maybe just want the image, rating, username and comment box relating to that image to open in a window)
  • Put code to a separate page and add a next button (or maybe drop the comments and have it automatically pick another image after rating one)
  • But of code to exclude already rated images (also should be simple enough)
  • If wanted in the main wordpress site then embed in an iframe on another page (maybe a popup)
Addding on member tracking / leaderboards for number of images rated, average image rating, top rated image etc. is simple, as would be any awards, titles etc. (standard forum stuff)
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