XF 1.0 Cleaning-Up Spam

The proliferation of human-backed CAPTCHA breakers and all manner of other means to break through anti-robot protection on forums means that spam prevention systems must now be joined with spam clean-up utilities.

With this in mind, XenForo introduces the Spam Cleaner - a one-stop shop for quickly and easily dealing with spam that has made it onto your forum.

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Oh.. nice. Me first to comment. Nicer.


Incredibly good stuff. Just what my moderators want. Thank you so much. That's it. I'm sold.
It is one of the many implementations of features that has impressed me, most.

Moderators are going to appreciate how convient and accessible every thing is for them.
I really like... the only bit I seen that I have a question about is that when showing other users from that IP address I didn't see any indication if that user had already been deleted/banned... is there one? if not will there be one?
Another great implementation; goes much farther then what I was expecting, and the rules for showing the spam link, as well as restore are probably going to be very helpful with my forum.
Very nice indeed
Is there a chance the "Spam" button/link can be added to the persons profile page, or the popup info card? It'd save a few clicks :P
When it runs the check to see the duplicate IP addresses it could be convenient to allow you to clean up both of their posts/threads from that page instead of having to go membercard -> profile page -> postings -> post -> spam all over again.

All in all, I love the features and I'm sold :)
Nice Sam feature too, should simplify the task a lot. I hope the reCAPTCHA and admin made question will be used when registering to avoid mos tof them :)
Anyone liked what they saw about the ACP??? It looked very neat and tidy :D Looks very flexible and simple ^^
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