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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.1.6

No permission to buy (€29.99)


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There is no reason. I have added it as a permission so that you can have more control over what users can use based on the user groups they are in.

Anthony Parsons

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View whispers is not working, as super admin or mod. Usergroup permission, even mod / admin level permissions, none of them allow that group to see whispers.


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Could you please try doing the following, @Siropu?

From the forum's index, in the chat:
1) Mention someone by hitting the @ next to him/her in the shoutbox
2) Copy a node link and paste it next to the mentioned user

On my side, the link pasted gets moved a line below, even before sending it as chat message.

Thank you :)


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Another possible bug (it happens on my community at least).

How to reproduce:

1) Mention something (by hitting the @ symbol next to his username)
2) Continue typing your message and send it
3) Mention him again
4) It'll not just mention him, but also paste the previous message you typed to him so you'll have to manually delete it and unfortunately I'm used to type messages without watching the monitor so sometimes I end up sending this copied message twice because of this reason.

It only happens if you mention the same user, if you mention someone else it looks like this doesn't happen.


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It doesn't integrate because chat uses custom like system.
As for broken links, I have already responded.


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One feature request

For the Configured Bot Messages in the ACP, please include the "time window" when that's active. So that, once humans are available the configured messages in ACP do not go out. Bot is nice to reply with configured messages when no one is around to reply.