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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.0.19

No permission to buy (€29.99)


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To be consistent with styling the normal XF content blocks, any chance the main "siropuChat" div could be placed inside of a "block" class div? Maybe an option for it?


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Purchased! Though I would love to see a mic feature as well as a push notification feature, if these are added, this would make Discord useless and Xenforo more useful for that purpose! Add and you could be talking :)


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I'll see if I can add the chat id in the block element instead without making a mess.
Thanks. Plus by putting the siropuChat block inside of a 'block' div it would eliminate the need for the margin-top setting when the placement is BelowForumList & BelowContent.


We are a roleplaying forum, that is why I asked. *shrug* Otherwise, I might as well use IRC chat, and not bother with a paid software?


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Any chances that in the future, Siropu will give you the option to display your webcam in place of the avatar image so that ppl can see you and hear you live?


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We went live this weekend and one of the first feedback items was a complaint about the Chat box. :(

The Chat box is enabled on the forum home at the bottom of the page and users are getting their focus set to the bottom of the page (to the Chat editor to be specific) when going to the home page so they are forced to scroll back up every time. From testing it doesn't seem to happen in Chrome but it is happening in both FF & IE.

Is there a way to disable the auto-focus?:unsure:


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The auto-focus seems to be triggered by the editor itself. I will see what I can do about that. Until then you could set it to "All pages" instead.


Looks like a great addon!

one question before buying it: it is possible to show at least one chatroom in the bottom right corner like facebook? that would be awesome, because our current chat is implemented like that and we need a replacement for it.


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I'm not as keen on the default navigation styling for your XF2 version.

It's harder to understand which 'Tab' is in focus, and the tap targets are small, applying only to the text and not the space around the text like a tab. This actually makes it quite hard to use on mobile as you have to be incredibly precise.

I'd quite like it to have proper styling like the XF1 version with some background colouring to illustrate tab focus.