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So, from all the reading I've done on this thread (tough to go through 121 pages), I've not seen anyone have this issue. I've only just started to use this Add-on (and Xenforo in general). I've been building out my packages and testing things. I'm starting with a simple package to show up under the categories of the Forum List.

My issue: "Allowed ad sizes" is not restricting the upload. I created a test "Advertiser" account and uploaded random images. Despite having the Allow ad sizes set to just one size (I tried a few at first, then narrowed the scope to see what was happening), it allows me to upload any image sizes. The result is that the image is fit within the max height of the selected size available, and proportionately shrunk down.

Isn't setting Allowed ad sizes supposed to restrict other sizes at the time of upload by the advertiser?

Package settings are:
Display: Block
Unit alignment: Center
Unit size: Auto (I tried also constraining to the same as the allowed ad sizes, and that resulted in the image being enlarged to match the width, but way higher than the height constraint if the image uploaded proportionately would have been when enlarged).
Ad display order: Random
Ad display limit: 1

Allowed ad sizes: 970x90

Am I mistaken that selected "Allowed ad sizes" should reject the upload when the advertiser tries to create the new ad?

Has anyone experienced an issue where the "Banner ad" type (where you upload an image) stops displaying the image? I'm currently experiencing this. If I add something like ... or aaa to the CUSTOM HTML section (either with or without images selected), that text will display in the ad spot. However, HTML "CODE" will not do anything.
@Siropu, I've been using the ads manager add-on to a great deal of success.

However, I have recently encountered an issue with the end time in the settings of the ad. When I have an end date and time set up, I realized that the status of the ad gets set to "active" after the end time has passed.
For example, the ad has been set to end on the 20th Oct 2021, at 10.00pm, however, once it is 10.01pm, the ad still shows, and the status just changes to "active". Any start/end date and time setting is cleared.
For example, the ad has been set to end on the 20th Oct 2021, at 10.00pm, however, once it is 10.01pm, the ad still shows, and the status just changes to "active".
Can't reproduce it and don't see how that could happen. Ad end date is handled by a cron job or triggered by a click/view event and it is set to "inactive" once the time is up.

For some reason, spaces to the left and right of text links in code ads are removed. Any idea why this might be, and how I can fix it?


Default style, default ad settings, no package selected:

For now you can fix it by adding   before and after it.

Ok, that's what I've been doing (or adding padding via CSS). It's just a pain having to go through and fix them all when someone other than myself creates one. Odd that the other links don't behave that way.
How to make advert appear in thread paragraph e.g 1st paragraph -----post content 2nd paragraph----ads 3rd paragraph.....thread content,
In regards to Core JF File Path where we can move the core.min.js file found in js/siropu/am/ local directory to another directory. When filling this area can we use an http link? If not, would the following work if I created a new directly named, say, am2?:


Would that make sense? Can the file name be changed?
@Siropu, I've found this to be a bit too much work as I have so many installations and would need to update this every time there's an update. I should have taken a screenshot of what was there before - but what is the standard link that goes in the Core JS File Path text box? Was it blank before?
@Siropu , I've been using your ads manager for some time now. It has come to my attention from my users that when they are scrolling a page, the banner image that I used for my popup ad doesn't show for them.

My popup has a delay of 5 secs before being displayed to users.

This is my popup ad content:
<div class="my-ad-block"><img src="" alt="210 Promo"></div> <div class="my-ad-block"><button class="button button--primary"><a href="/pages/210promo/">Click to know more</a></button></div> <div class="my-ad-block"></div>

I have attached screenshots showing what my users see when the page is not moving vs when they are in the midst of scrolling.

Kindly let me know if this is a known bug. Thanks!

Edit: After many more rounds of testing, it seems that using delay is the problem. When there is no delay set, the banner image displays without fail.


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