Add-on Install & Upgrade

Add-on Install & Upgrade 1.4.3

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Then leave the add-on installed (it will be disabled and marked as "Legacy") and leave the database table alone. You'll need it!


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umm, for some reason the install thing not working on XF 1.5.x now. it keep saying some security error, + it keep asking for my

XenForo Community Username + Pass

but it never logs me in and gives me

Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.

+ there is no error log

im just curios could this be some kind of API thing on your end that's causing these issues? because i cannot find an issue on my end..

this only happens when i try to use the update checker. when i manually go to Resource Manager URL and install from there no issues.
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I have about 100 addons installed. Checking for addons that need to be updated would be a lot easier if there would be a filter to display the outdated addons only. Or to sticky those to the top.
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