[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO

[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO [Paid] 1.4.8a

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Nice add on but lacks documentation, you pay for a product and the seller doesn't provide instructions on how to use it. My issue now is I paid for the brands removal and did what I thought the file said to do but there brand still shows. Also there is a setting for templates but again no instructions on how to use it.


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Thank you. But what we do without any mail?

My next project will be to extend my xencarta. I want to have
  • categories in two levels with title, description, icon upload
  • showing page-index per category
  • showing all pages at the main index, but with a trigger to link to a new page for every char, when there are more than x pages (or manually set)
  • then i dont like the footnotes, maybe it is better to just use the bbcode for anchors
  • i want to have empty tagging //not_existing_slug should open the add page for this slug
  • slugs should have a level 0-5 will not auto substituted with a link, 6-x will
  • i want also a short language to make writing faster instead of opening and closing bbcodes
  • h1, h2 ... should not index anymore, but *h1 instead. So i can use them without indexing, or copy threads where we have many hx
I dont have any experience with wikis (only my xencarta), so i would like to know if there are more ideas, codes, functions that should be inside a wiki.