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[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO 1.4.8a

A fully-supported version of my popular XenCarta addon.

  1. Jaxel
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment
    A branding removal license and instructions on how to remove the brands quick and easily can be purchased HERE for $50. Each branding removal license is good for ONE forum only!

    What is XenCarta?

    XenCarta is a "lite" wiki. It can be considered a page/content management system with wiki-like features such as diff comparisons, revision history and templates. However, it is a "lite" wiki because I have designed it to be as lite as possible; to eschew the many useless and bloated features you can find in most wiki software.​

    • Pages based on either BBcode, HTML or PHP files
    • Page caching to conserve server resources
    • Discussion threads from pages
    • Revision history
    • Page redirects
    • Per-page permission masks
    • Comparison engine
    • Automatic cross page linking
    • Automatic table of contents generation
    • [template=] replacement BB code
    • [h#]head[/h#] replacement BB code
    • Special maintenance pages
    • "Sortable Tables" javascript
    • upload contents of the attached zip to your XFroot
    • install from file on server: "library/EWRcarta/addon-EWRcarta.xml"
    • set usergroup permissions for administration rights
    Usage Notes:
    • There are TWO navigation blocks on the wiki. The top navigation block is a "family tree"; it only shows pages within the current family tree. The bottom navigation block is an "index" block; it shows a search form and any pages with positive index ratings (usually you would want to give the progenitors of your trees index ratings).
    • To use sortable tables, you must set the class of your table to "sortable".


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Recent Reviews

  1. gouwepeer.nl
    Version: 1.4.8a
    I have buy and install this wiki on my forum. I'ts easy to use and looking good.
    It's possible to implement html or bbcodes.
  2. Zmolahah
    Version: 1.4.8a
    The wiki works great, easy to get it working the way I'd like without any hassle. Been using for two months now without finding any faults and it comes with many useful features that I need. It's certainly worth the money
    1. Jaxel
      Author's Response
      Its crap. I'm honestly surprised anyone uses this addon... Haha.
  3. electrogypsy
    Version: 1.4.6
    i've been looking for a wiki solution forever that was easy for my users to interact with, without using complicated wikicode and the like. other solutions were just too complicated for average users to contribute information to. This plugin definitely hits the sweet spot of being just as easy to use as the forum while offering everything a wiki plugin should, while not trying to over complicate things.

    also, the author has been really accommodating about making changes and taking suggestions and putting them into the plugin with a quick turnaround. I would definitely suggest this for anyone looking for a wiki solution for xenforo.
  4. oman
    Version: 1.4.4
    A powerful, well designed and easy to use Wiki add on. Works flawlessly with the latest version of XenForo. The add on is easy to set up, with handy configurable permissions to ensure only the correct people can manage the wiki and create pages. Would definitely recommend this add on for those wanting a stable wiki platform for their XenForo forum.
  5. md_5
    Version: 1.4.3
    Good resource, does what it says on the tin, however templates are outdated / don't look correct / aren't responsive, and furthermore the product is riddled with exploits which the author does not appear willing to fix!!!
  6. xIsabel38
    Version: 1.4.3
    The templates may be a little confusing at first. But this update does well to fix the bugs the previous version had. This is a long needed update and is very much appreciated.
  7. otaku
    Version: 1.4.3
    Great update love the automatic link add feature when using xencarta bbcode
  8. xIsabel38
    Version: 1.4.2
    This add-on is great when you understand how everything works. And if you're someone that understands code, then this Add-on can work wonders for you.

    Unfortunately for those of us that don't know how to code, this Add-on is a nightmare to work with. The template system is extremely confusing and even with other tutorials, they don't cover nearly enough to make someone understand the full potential to using this.

    When a page is created by a user, there's no notification of it so the potential for pages to go unnoticed or unseen are high. This is especially true if the page wasn't linked to another page or a menu item.

    Going back to the Template system there is no way to load a preset template so if a user were create a page like any other one you already have they wouldn't be able to style it the same way unless they knew the exact templates used in its creation and furthermore, how to even use them properly.

    For what is supposedly a fully supported Add-on I'm extremely disappointed in the way the author chooses to handle some cases. For example bugs reported 7 months ago still persist today and weren't addressed and many support questions will go unanswered as evident by looking through the pages of discussion.
  9. KorsatH
    Version: 1.4.2
  10. Ryuuji
    Version: 1.4.2