[8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO

Unmaintained [8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO 1.4.8a

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • Fixes a bug where pages without a trailing slash dont show up correctly.
  • Changed event listeners from switch-case statements, to XenForo's event hint system. This should provide a marginal boost to performance with larger forums.
  • The word "Contents" in the [TOC] is now phrased. Keep in mind that wiki pages are still heavily cached and you may not see changes to this phrase until the next cache refresh.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug that prevented navigating to pages that only have numbers in their URL.
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  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug where the redirect page option gets reset when clicking "preview" on the create page form.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a minor issue where submit buttons would appear twice in a row on the create page form.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a typo in the email alerts for page creation.
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  • This is a HOTFIX to fix the compatibility issues in XenForo 1.5.3. (explained here).
As usual, hotfixes do not require you to run the upgrade script if you are already up to date with the current version number. Just upload the files and you should be good to go.​
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  • By request... you can now select thread prefixes when making a wiki-page thread.
  • Added version checking to javascript calls to eliminate errors related to outdated cached javascript files.
  • Added the ability to create a discussion thread at the point of wiki page creation.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a javascript error related to an erroneous semi-colon.
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  • Added a content handler for sitemaps! Meaning you can now add wikis to your built-in XF1.4 sitemap! You no longer have to use my third-party sitemap generator.
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  • Fixed a security risk that allowed anyone to revert/delete page archives.
  • Special Page List has been redesigned, and now uses Masonry.
  • [wiki] bbcodes for pages that don't exist will now create those links anyways. From the resulting page, the page itself can be created easily.
  • Link to Special Create Page has been fixed on non-existent pages.
  • Fixed history updates for edits within 15 minutes
  • Template variables will now list underneath the template text on Special Template List.
  • The comparison engine for XenCarta has been moved from the old Diff system to the new build in XF_Diff system. In addition, you can now compare specific versions to each other, instead of strictly to the most current.
  • Even more "special" pages have been added, including uncached pages and most revised.
  • There are now "alert preference" fields for watching of wiki pages.
  • There are now "account preference" field for watching of wiki pages.
  • You can now chose to watch for the creation of new wiki pages!
  • There is now a "watched wiki pages" list where users can manage their subscriptions.
  • This addon now normalizes with the new XF1.2 user merge feature.
  • There is now a "top editors" list that displays on the wiki sidebar.
  • Added an option to restrict the parent/redirect list depth on edit/create forms.
  • Added an option to paginate special lists.
  • FIXED: fixed an issue where form submit buttons would display twice.
  • FIXED: fixed an issue where bbcode tags would lose their formatting on cache loads.
  • FIXED: fixed an issue that prevented the deletion of pages that have had zero revisions.
  • FIXED: fixed an issue where you couldn't create new templates due to a missing file.