XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
exec, mysqldump, and tar
Back by popular demand, is my backup system. I wasn't planning on releasing this one, but a lot of people asked me for it, since there weren't any other solutions for XF2. This addon will run a scheduled backup of your XenForo database.

Before you buy this addon however, you must be aware of a few requirements. This addon uses PHP's exec command to run MySQL's mysqldump command. If you're running off a shared hosting service, you may not have access to these powerful tools and be unable to use this addon.

Basic Features:
  • Automated XenForo database and file structure backup.
  • Ability to close forums during the backups process.
  • Define mysqldump and tar custom option flags.
  • Separate backups into multiple files or a single package.
  • Compress backups using Gzip, Bzip2 or Xz.
  • Backup history and logs viewable from the Admin CP.
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    Public service announcement from XenForo...

    Added the ability to send remote backups directly to Amazon S3. All files are now backed up...

    Added an option to automatically delete older backups based on a numerical retention limit...

Latest reviews

I wish I would have found this add-on by Jaxel sooner. This is perfect! It not only backs up our entire SQL database but also our entire XF installation and structure. This is a mus have for any community that needs to have a safe backup and believe me just a few months ago I was stuck with an error and my hosts inability to restore our database - so this would have saved me a ton of stress. So happy Jaxel decided to share this add-on with the community and I highly recommend it to everyone. Not only can you save your backups to your host but you can also save copies to an outside FTP or Amazon cloud servers. A+
Many thanks for this great add on. It works great and very easy to configure. No need to worry about auto backup anymore.