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  1. AppleAndMango

    Backup Storage

    What do you use to backup? I've been thinking of using AWS S3, the forum I run isn't massive less than a 1GB including files and the database so it should cost pennies. What do you use and what does it cost?
  2. W

    Configuration backup

    Hi there, I'd like to know how can I do a complete backup of the forum configuration. I mean: all those options in the control panel management menu. Regards,
  3. Nobitakung

    XF 1.5 How to upgrade Addons safely

    I've made a lot of customizations to a few addons including some templates of XenForo itself , so, I'm quite concerned when I have to upgrade them. What is the best practice to upgrade Addons and the core XenForo that let me able to easily roll the system back in case that I stuck on something...
  4. Sim

    XF 1.5 backing up internal_data

    I do daily file system backups of all critical data for my websites. I'm wanting to optimise the backup process by limiting the files that get backed up to only those absolutely necessary to restore the site back to a working state. To minimise space, I exclude the internal_data/attachments...
  5. SneakyDave

    Burnt Sienna Wednesday 50% Off Sale

    Why wait until Black Friday for the SALE OF A LIFETIME!?!? You get 50% off, they get 50% off, EVERYBODY gets 50% off, their entire order of SolidMean products! Use coupon code HALF when checking out. Coupon expires 11/28 https://xenforo.com/community/resources/authors/sneakydave.1001/...
  6. G

    XF 1.5 Is there any way to revert to xF 1.5.1?

    I just upgraded to 1.5.2, and it might be causing some issues with my bridge to WP. Can I revert to 1.5.1? I have a backup, how would i change it back without messing up Databases or anything else?
  7. Puntocom

    mysqldump needed to backup XenForo?

    Hello, I'm making daily backups using dump (filesystem backups) and weekly ones using mysqldump. Is it needed to use mysqldump due to innodb tables, or in case of problems I can just rebuild the search index and I am fine?
  8. L

    XF 1.4 Allow users to backup their own posts?

    Dear, is there any addon for this, like on vBulletin? Sincerely, localhorst