Which directories can be excluded from backup?

Mr. Jinx

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I'm making daily backups of my complete forum every night.
Which directories can be safely excluded to minimize the size of the backup?

Currently I am excluding these directories:
  • /internal_data/image_cache
  • /internal_data/oembed_cache
  • /internal_data/page_cache
  • /internal_data/temp
  • /internal_data/templates
  • /data/attachments (these are thumbnails, rebuild from /internal_data/attachments)
Is this list complete?
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logically you can backup the static content of the html folder once in a while. and for daily backups you can limit your backup to folders including attachments and user profile images. because rest of the folders are not really going to be updated on a daily basis (unless you update xenforo or addons).

Mr Lucky

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My preference would just back up everything. Purely as it is the simplest thing to do and less chance of anything going wrong. . I understand the cache things may not be needed, but I just prefer the simple life of not having to think about what is and what isn't actually needed.


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right. i am running on a pretty budget configuration so i have to think before doing any heavy task through automated route. are you keeping your attachments data on server or on object storage? because that is another thing you can consider that would massively reduce your backup requirement on a daily basis.

to answer your original query, it seems like you have marked all folders that i know that contains temporary data that can be rebuild. i believe you can also ignore code_cache folder because it also can be generated at any time from cli (php cmd.php xf:rebuild-master-data) or from admin panel.