mysqldump needed to backup XenForo?


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Hello, I'm making daily backups using dump (filesystem backups) and weekly ones using mysqldump.

Is it needed to use mysqldump due to innodb tables, or in case of problems I can just rebuild the search index and I am fine?


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Hello, Puntocom -

I run the mysqldump daily. The filesystem backup (at least of the directory tree where XenForo is installed) together with the mysqldump (this holds the user, post, thread, etc. information of your XenForo board) is needed to rebuild the board in case of a crash.

Search indexes are created from the current, existing content of the MySQL server database (i.e. it is redundant information).


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I was doing mysqldump daily but I have the problem for the forum not responding during the time it takes to make the backup.
I use
mysqldump -uxxx -pyyy --events db > db.sql
I have changed it to
mysqldump -uxxx -pyyy --single-transaction --events db > db.sql
Any idea? I want to backup at least daily but I don't want to cause any downtime.


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This is normal and there's nothing you can do about it as far as I know.

There is something.
Use percona and xtrabackup from them. There are no locks. Make hot backups.
My DB is ~ 5GB and i run a daily full backup and every 3 hours an incremental.
You don't even recognize that's a backup is running.