XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

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How do I download updates? Where can I get download links?

Your download link and all future updates are automatically emailed to the purchasing PayPal email address. If you are not receiving these emails, please check your spam folders. If you prefer, you can login and see your purchase history here: https://8wayrun.dpdcart.com/portal

How can I change the schedule for the backup?

By default, the backup process is run every Thursday night according to a cron job in the Tools > Cron entries menu of your XenForo Admin CP. Changing the default cron job is not recommended, as it requires you to be in development mode and your changes will revert on upgrades. Instead, you should DISABLE the default cron job, and make a new cron job using similar settings.​

Why does backing up take so long?

The file compression options GREATLY add to the amount of time it takes to back up your database. To give an example, uncompressed, my database dumps to a 1.1gb file, and only takes 27 seconds. However, if I switch to Xz compression, that same database dumps to a 206.5mb file, but takes over 19 minutes. Disabling compression can speed up your backups and minimize downtime.​

This addon doesn't seem to do a complete dump of my database?

You are probably using the "multiple files" output format. Depending on your server settings, this script may time out during the backup process. Don't worry, if you switch to the "single file" output format, this mysqldump procedure will complete, even if the script times out. You will probably not know if your server has the capabilities to run the "multiple files" output format until after you try it.​

This script is not re-opening my forums after it is complete?

Probably related to the issue above. If the script times out during the dump process; even though it will complete the dump in "single file" mode, it may not get around to unlocking your forums. You may also try disabling any file compression options to speed up your backup process.​

Why are my log details for each backup empty?

The --verbose option must be enabled for log details to appear.​