XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Many thanks for this add-on, it saves me a lot of time with automated creations of backups and now I can be calmer.
I specifically purchased this add-on to create backups to Dropbox, which this plugin does not do. At least for Xenforo 2.0 (not sure about the 2.1 version of the plugin)

This was not stated anywhere in the listing. My only options are local, FTP, or Amazon S3.

Only workaround is to create them locally and then upload them to my Dropbox...not really what I was looking for but as a backup creation tool it does work. 2/5 because it does not do what it advertised and what I purchased it for.
Dropbox was added in this is kind of an unfair review.
This is perfect! It not only backs up my entire SQL database but also my entire installation and structure. This is a must have for any community that needs to have a safe backup away from your server. I highly recommend it to everyone. A++
I am using this product since it came out a year ago. It works perfectly for my usecase and I rely on this everyday. Works great, I never had any issues with it. Thank you.
Thanks for providing excellent customer service. Had issues jaxal listened and worked with me right away. Top notch service!
very bad plugin not working how it have to be and there is no support at all , no one answer , it is SCAM stay away from it
This is one of those guys who purchases a product, and then immediately files as PayPal chargeback claiming lack of delivery. I can look at the logs and see how downloaded the product. These kinds of people literally cost me money to deal with... then he has the gall to ask for support.
This works fine.. we scheduled our backup every 2 in the morning.. easy to use and to configure. thanks..
1. It does not work as advertised.

2. The seller does not appear to provide support. In fact, he appears to have abandoned the add-on, although he's still taking money for it.

I cannot recommend this add-on or this coder to anyone.
I wish I would have found this add-on by Jaxel sooner. This is perfect! It not only backs up our entire SQL database but also our entire XF installation and structure. This is a mus have for any community that needs to have a safe backup and believe me just a few months ago I was stuck with an error and my hosts inability to restore our database - so this would have saved me a ton of stress. So happy Jaxel decided to share this add-on with the community and I highly recommend it to everyone. Not only can you save your backups to your host but you can also save copies to an outside FTP or Amazon cloud servers. A+
Many thanks for this great add on. It works great and very easy to configure. No need to worry about auto backup anymore.