user upgrade

  1. nanocode

    Beta Crypto Payments 0.1.0

    Crypto Payments allows you to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Give your users more payment method choice, and protect yourself from fraud and chargebacks, by accepting cryptocurrencies. Gateways Currently supported gateways: Coinbase...
  2. joeyjurjens

    XF 2.1 Automatic User Upgrade not working

    Hey, I'm trying to setup user upgrades, but it isn't going very well. I've made a option to buy & once bough it should give the member the ViP rank for one month. However, when bought, it says: However, I (as Admin) do not have a option to approve payments?? Then I found this topic...
  3. hemant_bhardwaj

    User upgrade invoice by xenbros 1.0.0

    This addon will generate invoice of user upgrade purchase with printable option Get invoice Button Invoice list Invoice Option How it works Install and activate the add-on as an ordinary xenforo plugin. After installation set custom user field ID in option that will be use for user detail...
  4. J

    Fixed Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3 and T3 parameters for a subscription.

    Allowing recurring payments for days > 90 and < 365 produces the following error on PayPal: There doesn't seem to be a supportsRecurring method for PayPal, but it should allow for the following: case 'day': if ($amount <= 90) {...
  5. Nik Crowcroft

    Duplicate Stripe recurring payments double charging

    I have a user upgrade that has options for both PayPal and Stripe payment profiles. Recurring payments is checked on the user upgrade, which has a length of 1 year. When a user purchases the upgrade with Paypal, they are charged once as expected, an a subscription setup in PayPal. When...
  6. CrispinP

    XF 1.5 User upgrade X only visible to group Y

    Hi folks, In my Vb forum I have the ability to say that upgrade X is only available to group Y and Upgrade B is only available to C. Is this possible in XF? Please tell me it is. I've read though the upgrade docs and some of Kier's videos but see no mention of this. I have two types of...
  7. Senpai

    XF 1.5 User Upgrades

    can someone help me please i got this annoying bug whenever someone buy's my user upgrades then they only get the badge and the sparkly color doesn't show
  8. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Paywall 1.0.0

    [TH] Paywall - Show a paywall to non-premium users Description This add-on sets up a paywall requiring users to purchase a user upgrade to view your forums. Features Users upgrades displayed: Immediately after registration On all permission denied pages On all pages Require...
  9. ratrodbikes

    Tricky question about USER UPGRADES

    We have a user upgrade option called "Pro Member" that we charged $20 a year for and it's not recurring. I would like to revise this upgrade option by adding more features to it and changing the cost and billing format (charging a recurring monthly fee instead of an annual no recurring fee)...
  10. malachiel

    XF 1.4 User upgrade categories

    Is possible to do this by editing something? i would like to have categories buttons with different user upgrades each on it...
  11. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    GoodForNothing Gift User [Paid] [Deleted]

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes submitted a new resource: GoodForNothing Gift User - Allow your users to purchase account upgrade as gifts for other users... Supports Paygate Read more about this resource...