Duplicate Stripe recurring payments double charging


Affected version
I have a user upgrade that has options for both PayPal and Stripe payment profiles. Recurring payments is checked on the user upgrade, which has a length of 1 year.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 13.30.54.png

When a user purchases the upgrade with Paypal, they are charged once as expected, an a subscription setup in PayPal.

When a user purchases the upgrade with Stripe, they are charged once, then approximately an hour later get charged again as a first subscription payment! The expiry date of the user upgrade is extended by another year, however this is obviously not functioning correctly.

This seems quite a major bug to me, and I've had to disable Stripe and manually issue refunds.

Payment provider logs can be posted / PM'ed if necessary, which show the second payment as a subscription payment.
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