Create forum or capture details on user upgrade


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Hi All,

I'm looking to create a 'Vendor' forum upgrade that allows members to have their own sub forum.

Has anyone set up something similar? I want to make it as streamlined as possible, is there a way to capture details when someone upgrades? (Company name, contact email) or better yet create the sub forum based on details and hide the forum when the upgrade expires?

Not new to XF but this will be my first 'User upgrade'.

There's nothing built in which would automate that process.

It would require custom development or manual implementation related to creating the forum, etc.
Use case? The Resources add-on may work for you, the new Vendor group, being able to add resources. Each resource has a Discussion tab (thread).
Use case: Car forum - companies would require paid account to sell items/promote services.

I think i'll create a form with the required fields, send a PayPal invoice and apply the upgrade manually to save confusion
One thing you might want to consider is using prefixes. So, the user upgrade gives them access to the Car forum, and they are able to select the Ford prefix. Just an idea.
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