1. dougiemac

    Conversation Bug

    Device: Macbook Pro OS: OSX 10.10.5 Browser: Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 (64-bit) When sending a conversation, I receive the message that the conversation was successfully sent, but after that message disappears, I'm still looking at my conversation screen as if the message might not have...
  2. Unknown Gamer

    Not a bug CSS Bug/Space bug

    Hi, A community I am in has updated to 1.5 and all of s sudden when accessing the website from my phone , I can't click the top of the page and it doesn't let me scroll up to the top of the page. iPhone 5C
  3. GliX

    Duplicate Long tags when creating/editing resource style problem

    Try adding long tag to see it.
  4. Martok

    Not a bug Mention alert for watched thread received rather than reply alert

    In XenForo 1.4 when I'm watching a thread and I am mentioned, I receive a reply alert for the thread rather than a mention alert. On XenForo 1.5, it's the other way around, a mention alert is received instead of a reply alert. This can be seen here...
  5. GliX

    As designed Tag copy in modal window

    I can't copy tags from this modal window: Combination Ctrl+A/Ctrl+C also does not work. Maybe it's a bug? The copy function would be very useful to fill a large number of tags on the forum.
  6. Jon W

    Not a bug Inconsistent use of <b>, <strong> and no formatting for placeholders

    The following phrase uses <strong> to emphasise the placeholders (which looks best in my opinion): include_url_token The following phrase uses <b> (which has slightly different formatting): field_display_html_description The following phrases us no formatting...
  7. GliX

    Fixed Untranslatable phrase: Latest Reviews

    Template: resource_latest_reviews <xen:title>Latest Reviews</xen:title> RM 1.2 beta 1.
  8. GliX

    Fixed Latest Reviews Count fixed on 5

    On my client forum, if i change Latest Reviews Count on the other, this setting does not apply - they are still 5. RM 1.2 beta 1.
  9. Pinn

    Design issue Bug - profile news page, new post away after upgrade

    When I on the wall page (profile messages page) New Profile Posts | XenForo Community write a post and then the page new charge e.g. with F5 of off my posting and not coming back also! Only when I was in my profile the posting on the page will be shown again! This is for chrome, Firefox, IE...
  10. Jon W

    As designed "New Resources" should be "New Resource Updates"

    ... or "Updated Resources". Shouldn't it? (New Resources | XenForo Community)
  11. Jon W

    Fixed @var for discussion definition is incorrect in XenForo_DataWriter_Discussion

    Very small issue that ended up throwing me earlier when I was trying to extend the thread datawriter. In XenForo_DataWriter_Discussion, this: /** * Data about the discussion's definition. * * @var XenForo_DiscussionMessage_Definition_Abstract */ protected...
  12. GliX

    Fixed Style glitch with filter action bar

    Media | XenForo Community
  13. Pinn

    Partial fix Small bug in Phrase

    Identities -> Google Talk It not Google Talk it is Hangouts. Its a Bug ;):p:cool:
  14. Jon W

    Fixed "Trophy Points" still selectable when disabled on User Title Ladder screen

    The "Enable Trophies" checkbox doesn't appear on the User Title Ladder screen (ACP -> Users -> User Title Ladder), meaning that Trophy Points isn't disabled as an option for the "User Title Ladder Field" on this screen.
  15. Neal

    Not a bug Notice not displaying recent content when edited

    I've created a notice for guests only in 1.5 beta 1. If you change the wording of the notice, it saves in the admin control panel but the notice displays the old version.
  16. Romchik®

    Fixed Small typo in option_urlToPageTitle_explain

    Phrase option_urlToPageTitle_explain. ... Use the textbox below to specify a format. ... But field is above :)
  17. Jake B.

    Server issue Domains that aren't 'live' show 'XenForo.com'

    If you happen to type in some domain that does not have a site, or if it is down at the time of you posting it the new URL page title feature will set the text to 'XenForo.com' which doesn't seem like it would be the best behavior for it to have, it probably should show the domain you typed...
  18. Jon W

    Fixed Conversation count incorrect after deleting a user's conversations

    When an administrator deletes a user's conversations through the Admin Control Panel, any user who is in a conversation with that user and who has read that conversation but also has some unread conversations will find that their conversation count is wrong until it is recalculated. This...
  19. Liam W

    Fixed Notice balloon not darkened with overlay...

    May not be a bug, but an overlay should take attention from all other page aspects: