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  1. kylerc

    Confirmed JS Stripe Style Data not Being Processed

    Hello, We found an issue with payment modals for user upgrades using Stripe in UI.X. It would appear that the style data is not being correctly processed to initialize a Stripe paid user upgrade. Specifically the JSON.parse on payment.js line 510 is able to receiving the following from UI.X...
  2. CMTV

    As designed `last_edit_date` column is not updating!

    Hi! If the user is editing his published post without page reloading then last_edit_date column WILL NOT be updated! This happens only for last_edit_date column. Other columns (like edit_count or data in xf_edit_history) are updating correctly. So this will update last_edit_date correclty...
  3. M@rc

    As designed Sometimes read threads still appear in the "new posts" list

    It's been happening every now and then for a while now when I click the "new posts" link from the sub navigation menu and click on a thread, then click the "new posts" link again. See the screenshot below : The first thread should not appear in the list, yet it does. It doesn't have the...
  4. Set3sh

    Fixed Problem with pagination buttons

    Hello, I have attached a print screen. Kind regards, George.
  5. Zenexer

    As designed Moderator actions aren't logged if the user isn't a moderator

    Non-moderators can be given moderator permissions. If this happens, the moderator log handler won't log any moderator-like actions that they perform. In XenForo_ModeratorLogHandler_Abstract#log: if (!$logUser['user_id'] || !$logUser['is_moderator'] || !$this->isLoggable($logUser, $content...
  6. Jockel

    Not a bug Email Bug

    I'm A Site Administrator , my Client is using the newest Version 1.5.12 or so. If a new user is registered he didn't get a Mail for the Confirmation. Best wishes
  7. austinv900

    XF 1.5 Issues with xenforo message box

    Can't reproduce. Has anyone had an issue with the message box not showing when trying to make or reply to a thread or anywhere really. i would like to think i dont have anything that might be causing it besides maybe cloudflares caching feature. Addons Digital Point Syntax Highlighter 1.3.0...
  8. bato3

    Not a bug Cannot redeclare class XFCP_ eval()'d code

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class XFCP_Nobita_Teams_XenForo_Model_Thread in /home/xen/domains/test.shinden.pl/public_html/library/XenForo/Application.php(528) : eval()'d code on line 1 I'm try using this api: https://github.com/Contex/XenAPI/tree/master/net/xenapi/XenAPI (undocumented option...
  9. Sakata Gintoki

    Admin Panel in Edit User Can't button "Ban user / Merge with User"

    I used localhost from my desktop was test on XenForo 1.5.10, i check from admin panel with users list. I'll created a account for "Test member and test member 2" has both still don't work button with "Ban user and merge with user" it's nothing, but i'll copy in link it's works fine. This is...
  10. jauburn

    As designed Cron entries continue to run when board is closed by Admin

    Apparently cron entries continue to run when the board is closed by the Admin. See this: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/email-subscription.84843/page-5#post-1082935
  11. ncbetz

    XF 1.5 Polls & Text Boxes not appearing

    Hello, I have been working on my site for a while, and I have been given the same bug over and over again. These are the two most common things I am told: I have been told by about five people that after reloading the page, it is fixed. I have also been told that the text box to put content...
  12. Senpai

    XF 1.5 User Upgrades

    can someone help me please i got this annoying bug whenever someone buy's my user upgrades then they only get the badge and the sparkly color doesn't show
  13. DaiAku

    XF 1.5 Animated Gif Issues

    Having strange issues with animated gifs on our site. They seem to work while editing the post but after saving them out they do not display properly. You can see the thread here...
  14. TheSupremePatriot

    Duplicate Text Editor - Glitchy

    Operating System : OS X | El Capitan Browsers Affected : Safari and Firefox Problem : Text Editor Glitches when Highlighting [When there is a large amount of text in the editor] This only happens if there is at least enough text to make the scroll bar on the text editor shrink to about...
  15. Freelancer

    Not a bug Terms-of-Use custom URL doubling nav tab entry

    When I use a custom URL in the board settings to use a self generated help page, the nav tab on help pages index is doubled. The default link is remaining but both old and new links lead to the new custom page.
  16. maxicep

    Not a bug "Async Ads Codes" have a Problem while "reply a thread on quick reply"

    Hello, Our problem is that; If we put the async ad codes in the ad_message_body or ad_message_below templates and someone reply the thread via quick reply, thread doesn't update with new content and post doesn't show on thread page. Users should refresh for see them. We have 2 different...
  17. Michael Murguia

    XF 1.5 HTML Formatting for User Upgrades Doesn't Work?

    HI there, I have a couple user upgrades configured on my site, and the html formatting does not work. It is not showing errors, or showing the HTML markup, whch leaves me to believe it is recognized, but it is not formatting correctly. HTML code looks like this: <h3>Become an Overland Bound...
  18. Martok

    Fixed No mention of use of BB code for New User Welcome conversation

    It's not a bug per se, more a case of missing explanatory text. For the New User Welcome message in the ACP, it doesn't specify that you can use BB Code next to the Conversation Message box (arguably it should be obvious to most people but not to a few): Yet in the Message User option in...
  19. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Deleting a post with an embedded YouTube video

    Not sure whether this is a bug or something specific to my computer/video card, but here goes. When I select a post that contains an embedded video from YouTube, the image of the embedded video covers xenforo's pop-up deletion box. See image.
  20. dougiemac

    Conversation Bug

    Device: Macbook Pro OS: OSX 10.10.5 Browser: Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 (64-bit) When sending a conversation, I receive the message that the conversation was successfully sent, but after that message disappears, I'm still looking at my conversation screen as if the message might not have...