1. PaulB

    Confirmed Moderated/deleted threads can be displayed as the last post/thread of a forum

    Alice creates a thread in forum 1. The discussion_state is visible, so the forum's last_post_* and last_thread_* fields are updated. Bob creates a thread in forum 1 after Alice, but during the same second. The discussion_state is moderated or deleted. The latter state should never happen...
  2. PaulB

    Not a bug Upgrade from 2.2.6 Patch 2 to 2.2.7: [E_WARNING] Undefined array key "push_on_conversation"

    $ php cmd.php xf:upgrade Current version: 2020672 Upgrade target: 2020770 (2.2.7) Are you sure you want to continue with the upgrade? [y/n] y All upgrade steps run up to version 2.2.7. Importing... Master data (Templates) Rebuilding... Phrases . Rebuilding... Permissions . Rebuilding...
  3. PaulB

    convertIpStringToBinary fails in some scenarios

    convertIpStringToBinary fails in some scenarios because it tries to handle a situation in which the input has already been converted. It would probably be better if it were just simple wrappers around inet_pton(). In particular, a valid IPv6 address in its string representation can be a valid...
  4. PaulB

    Fixed Emails can get stuck in the queue indefinitely

    Currently, email queue processing works roughly like this: Mark entry as being processed by setting send_date 15 minutes into the future. If marking failed, it's already being processed; skip this item. Deserialize mail_data. If deserialization failed or is not an instance of...
  5. PaulB

    Fixed Zombie records remain when a thread is deleted

    When a thread is deleted, XF\Entity\Thread#_postDelete() fails to clean some tables, such as xf_thread_watch. At the end of the method, it cleans thread reply bans: $db->delete('xf_thread_reply_ban', 'thread_id = ?', $this->thread_id); I would expect it to handle xf_thread_watch and...
  6. PaulB

    Partial fix Buggy string comparisons

    In PHP, some comparisons with == or in_array may return true when the programmer expects them to return false. For example, "00" == "0000" is true in PHP, as is in_array("00", ["0000"]). XenForo 2 performs loose comparisons in some places that can potentially result in bugs...
  7. PaulB

    Fixed Unbounded inlinemod cookie size

    The inlinemod cookies, such as xf_inlinemod_conversations, currently have an unbounded size. Cookies aren't really supposed to be > 4 KiB, but it's not too difficult for an end user to end up with a cookie far larger than that just by selecting several pages of conversations for deletion. From...
  8. PaulB

    Fixed RSS: content:encoded can contain unnecessary JavaScript for attachments

    RSS generated for posts with embedded attachments may contain code such as the following: <content:encoded><![CDATA[<div class="bbWrapper"><b><i><span style="color: #ff0000">Test</span></i></b><br /> <br /> <script class="js-extraPhrases" type="application/json"> {...
  9. PaulB

    Tag editor may show tag multiple times

    Steps to reproduce: Create a new thread with a unique tag. That tag must not be used anywhere else. Click the tag edit link in the thread to edit its tags. Click the "x" next to the tag to remove it. Submit the form by clicking "Save", but do not refresh or navigate away from the page. The tag...
  10. PaulB

    Fixed Warning definition fields can have text that is too long for the warning or conversation

    It's possible to create a warning definition with: 1. a title that is longer than the maximum length of a warning title 2. a conversation title that is longer than the maximum length of a conversation title There won't be any error when the warning definition is created, nor will there be any...
  11. B

    bug on documentation

    not sure where to report this... https://xenforo.com/docs/dev/general-concepts/ links to 'controller-basics' pages here are 404's.
  12. e-Dewan

    Fixed The gradually hidden text issue.

    Hi, I don't know how to explain the issue but you can see the image below: My forum is RTL (Arabic) and the feature seems not RTL compatible. Best Regards,
  13. enivid

    Fixed Restrict password request rate for registered users who currently have no password set.

    Currently (XF2.2.2), when a user doesn't have a password set for their account and requests a password via the "Password and security" page, they can send any number of requests without any restrictions. Of course, they can only flood their own email account in such a way, but this also...
  14. GamingPascal1

    Can't edit Permission for Elements

    Well Guys, i just want to edit the Permissions from each group to my Elements and i got the Following Error... I am the Admin of the Forum with all Permissions. what can i do to fix this? Greetings
  15. nodle

    Duplicate Unfurl no longer working

    Running into the same problem as this: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/links-appear-immediately-after-a-pasting.162873/ Using Microsoft Edge Version 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit) Only way to paste link and have it unfurl is to right click paste as plain text. Identical to the...
  16. SoomYT

    XF 2.2 black text behind username (on profile)

    username has weird black text behind it when using custom CSS. help please I don't know why this is happening, thanks
  17. N

    As designed Link with ' character breaks the link?

    Hi, I am having this issue where if any link contains ' characters, it auto disables the link and render the link as text. For example: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:psychomaster35/Porkchop_‘n_Flatscreen:_Kiss_My_Compilation Not sure if this is a bug or not. Need some help...
  18. Binzzz666

    Not a bug ErrorException: XenForo stats collection failed: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: submit-stats.json

    ErrorException: XenForo stats collection failed: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: submit-stats.json (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html). src/XF/Error.php:75 Stack Trace #0 src/XF.php(184): XF\Error->logError('XenForo stats c...', false) #1...
  19. PaulB

    Fixed ChangeLoggable behavior broken with optIn = true

    Setting a column definition's changeLog property to true results in the wrong code path being taken; it's interpreted as 'changeLog' => 'customFields'. This is problematic when optIn is enabled, since the intention is to set changeLog to true in that scenario. Lines 58-65 of the ChangeLoggable...
  20. Joao Prates

    Fixed Error: Call to a member function has() on null

    Hi, I am getting loads of these error entries on my server after upgrading yesterday to XenForo v2.2.0. I had no errors whatsoever in the previous v2.1 version, but now these errors appear literally by the dozens in just a few minutes time, it's hogging our server. The upgrade process to 2.2.0...