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s9e Media Sites 2.12.8

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Updated Acast and Vimeo
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Compatibility with the default media sites installed by XenForo 2.2 has been improved both ways; Most media that were embedded using a default media site work seamlessly after the add-on is installed. Media embedded via this add-on still work if the add-on is uninstalled, provided the media is supported by XenForo's default media sites. The new additions include support for SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube playlists.

Support for PHP 8.1 has been improved.
Odysee is currently having some reliability issues. This update aims to mitigate some of the effects.
Added support for Audius links. Thanks to Zoints for sponsoring this update.
Added support for Facebook group posts.
Updated Acast, Medium, TrendingViews, and 247Sports.
The miniplayer has been enabled on mobile in portrait mode.
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Updated Odysee.
Removed defunct sites Break, GameTrailers, and Mixer.
Added Odysee. Thanks to LiberForo for sponsoring this addition.
Updated YouTube with support for /shorts/ URLs.
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