s9e Media BBCodes pack

s9e Media BBCodes pack 20200722

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Works perfectly and very fast at loading.
Great addon and BBCode pack! Amazing updates and active developer. Definitely recommend for big boards. Thanks for all the updates and work on this. Cheers!
This is an excellent resource with a huge number of BB Code media sites. It is very configurable, allowing you to add just those you require as well as set the size of the videos if desired. The author works hard to maintain this add-on and constantly adds new media sites via requests. He is very helpful to users and has made several changes following requests. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants more than the default BB Code media sites.
Very good , very good , cant tell more , thnk you very much fro creating this great addition . must have for any forum . we very happy to have this !!!!
Thank you for maintaining this xf1 plugin. Works great and everyone in the xf community appreciates your longterm support.
Thank you for this Add-on! I was going nuts trying to DIY add BBCodes Media in XF so I could embed other players - this saved my sanity :)
Does what it says, includes most if not all of the media embeds you could want and is kept up to date. Start here when building your embed codes.
As everybody else have said. This add-on does what it says. I've seen my members amazed and felt happy by how things that can be embedded are by default embedded on their posts. Be it a pastebin snippet, a tweet on Twitter, or even a poll widget. Support from the author is also great. You can expect quick bug fix and continuous update. Totally recommended to install if you think that it's too much of a hassle to manually add more media sites to your XenForo installation.
As always staying on top of the updates! Which is good since media keeps changing their stuff up. In the last update he even added a media we used that was not part of his pack.
Awsome, BUT I would use the experimental configurator interface, because the built-in facebook bbcode and the youtube code is better than in this bbcode pack.
Oh right, I forgot that XenForo had a few media sites by default. I'll compare the default BBCodes with the ones in the pack to see whether I should exclude them from the pack.

Can you describe to me how you find the default YouTube BBCode better than the one in the pack? That would help me figure out whether and how I should change it, thanks!
Works and Works well. Although rarely utilized on my community it is nice that when you do come across a news story or video that isn't hosted on you tube that we can still easily embed just about any video with this plugin.. the Bonus is that the Author is updating the definitions on a regular basis.
This is probably one of my most favorite add-ons available for download on xenforo.com. Members are often impressed on what can be embedded.
Good work
Got the job done!
★ CONTAINS EVERY MEDIA BB CODE YOU WILL EVER NEED. ★ --- The author's description is accurate. Outstanding! JoshyPHP does a fine job on keeping this updates as well. A+
Lets me use other options for YouTube videos and a lot of other media on our website. Great for media intensive boards.
This is one plugin that you must install on your XenForo powered board. Developer is super responsive to feature suggestions and bug reports. Add-on gets better with every update!
This guy is an example for us all.
Always friendly, many updates and an excellent product. This all for free!:)
Wuv ya :)
This is simply a must have add-on for your forum. Thanks heaps to the Author. Keep up the great word mate ;)