Resources by XFA

[XFA] Thread Template - XF2 XFA
Define thread message templates for your forums !
[XFA] Default editor format - XF2 XFA
Ever wanted to set a default formatting ? Your dream are now reality !
[XFA] Nodes Background Image Customization - XF2 XFA
Select a background image for each of your nodes.
[XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2 XFA
Sidebar, header, dedicated page unlimited configurable countdowns right to your forum !
[XFA] Force Users Introduce Themselves - XF2 XFA
Force your new members to introduce themselves before being able to interact on the forum.
[ITD] Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color. XFA
Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color
[ITD] MEGA Video Embed Sharing XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] MEGA Video Embed Sharing 2.1.1
Embed Sharing of MEGA Videos with Frame Width & Height Option
[XFA] RM Download from list - XF2 XFA
Direct download button from resources list with download now/downloaded state.
[XFA] Roster - XF2 XFA
[XFA] Roster - XF2 2.1.0 €20.00
Roster adds a complete club management system to your forum.
[XFA] RM Download Tracker XFA
[XFA] RM Download Tracker 2.1.1 €10.00
Allow to view which users have downloaded a resource or which resources a user has downloaded.
XFRM Update Announcement Thread XFA
Create new announcement's thread in specific forum when resource is updated or created
[ITD] Embed Sharing from Crazy Games XFA
Embed Games from Crazy Games to your board.
[ITD] Embed Sharing from IMDB XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Embed Sharing from IMDB 2.0.0
Embed Sharing of IMDB Videos with Frame Width & Height Option
[ITD] Embed Sharing from UPTOSTREAM XFA
Embed Sharing of UPTOSTREAM Videos with Frame Width & Height Option
Unmaintained ITD MP3 2.0.0
Embed remotely hosted MP3 audio to your board
[ITD] Mixed Small FileType Icons XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Mixed Small FileType Icons
20 Mixed Small 48x48 FileType Icons for ITD Attachment Icons II
[ITD] Attachment Icons II XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Attachment Icons II 2.1.7
Use custom attachment icons instead of XF default.
[ITD] The Boss Avatar Set XFA
Add set of 36 Boss Type PNG avatars.
Colorful Categories. XFA
set your each board category with a different color set and icon.
[ITD] Angry Birds Avatars Pack XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Angry Birds Avatars Pack 2.1.5
A set of 10 angry birds type avatars.
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