Resources by XFA

Suggestion Free YouTube Sharing XFA
Block suggested videos while sharing youtube videos on your board.
[ITD] Add All Posts & Threads by User in Member Card II XFA
This Add-on will add All posts Threads of a member in Member's Menu Card
[ITD] Colored Links XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Colored Links 2.1.0
Change colors of all type of link on your board
[ITD] Mini Clip Games XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Mini Clip Games 2.1.0
Add and play all of Mini Clip games in to your board
[ITD] Pirates Avatar Set XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Pirates Avatar Set 1.0.0
A set of 10 pirates type avatars
[ITD] Animated Smileys Pack I XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Animated Smileys Pack I 1.0.0
A set of 24 different size animated smileys.
Mode Debug XFA
Mode Debug 1.0.0
It allows you to enable debug mode and also development mode.
[XFA] Extended Cover XFA
Beta [XFA] Extended Cover 5.0.0 Beta 3 €30.00
Bring customization to a new level with cover image in thread/forum/profile/RM/MG (Facebook like)
[ITD] Basic File-type Icons for Attachment Icons II XFA
Set of 57 basic file-type icons for Attachment Icons II
[ITD] Noto Emoji People Faces XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Noto Emoji People Faces 1.0.0
A collection of 50 Noto Emoji People Faces Icons
[ITD] Halloween XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Halloween 1.0.0
A collection of 44 Halloween Avatars for Avatar Gallery
[ITD] Zombatar XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Zombatar 1.0.0
Zpmbatar Avatars set for [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery
[ITD] Matryoshka Avatars XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Matryoshka Avatars 2.0.0
Matryoshka Avatars set for [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery
ITD Embedded Flash Games XFA
Unmaintained ITD Embedded Flash Games 2.1.2a
Embed your own flash games on to your board via BB code
[ITD] Your last visit XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Your last visit 2.1.0
Display your last visit / online date and time.
[ITD] Remove User Signatures From Selected Nodes XFA
Remove User Signatures From Selected Nodes
[ITD] Thread Starter Banner XFA
Unmaintained [ITD] Thread Starter Banner 2.0.0
Castomizable banner in all posts of thread for thread starter.
[XFA] RM Categories Layout XFA
New categories list layout similar to nodes display for Resource Manager.
ITD BB Code Media Site XFA
Embed Audios, Videos, Books and Games from
ITD 4M Ribbon for Thread Starter XFA
Unmaintained ITD 4M Ribbon for Thread Starter 2.0.0.f
Multi-Color Multi-Language Multi-Value Multi-Position Ribbob for Thread Starter
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