[XFA] Roster - XF2

[XFA] Roster - XF2 2.1.0

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  • Permission separation: "Have severals clubs" permission has been changed by
    • Create multiple clubs
    • Join multiple clubs
  • The number of clubs created or join, can be limit by permission
  • Club tags can be display on postbit via an option.
  • Roster can be locked: If roster is locked, user can't leave club (and join an another club if user can join only one club). This lock can be disable in options (ex: for transfert period...)
  • Add club list tab in member profile
Corrected bugs:
  • Missing phrase: please_provide_an_image_whose_longer_side_is_no_more_than_twice_length
Corrected bugs:
  • Unknown column updated_at on XFA\Roster:Roster
Corrected bugs:
  • User will show club who he want join in navigation before he will be accepted by club owner
  • Unknown column updated_at on XFA\Roster:Roster
  • Error updating XF1 version to XF2 version
Upgrade for people who are already upgrade addon to 2.0.6 with wrong zip
  • Alertes phrases in preferences missing
  • Display bug in roster list
  • Bug with roster order filter
  • Bug fix with tournament
  • Phrases missing in preferences
Bugs fixed:

  • ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Trying to get property 'Club' of non-object src/addons/XFA/Roster/Pub/Controller/BaseController.php:62

  • Custom club field: User editable not working
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Bug Fix:

  • Error: Call to a member function getValue() on null src/addons/XFA/Roster/Pub/Controller/BaseController.php:41
Bugs fixed:
  • LogicException: Entity XFA\Roster:game (class: XFA\Roster\Entity\game) could not be found
  • Fatal Error: Cannot use XFA\Roster\Entity\Club as Club because the name is already in use