AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.8 Patch Level 4

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  • Fix embed for JSFiddle
  • Refactored code a bit
  • Fix "members online" pixel for RMS/Showcase when viewing "reviews"
  • Fix compatibility with forums that don't have useFriendlyUrls enabled
  • Fix page criterias for "show only on AMP" / "don't show on AMP" so they work in Siropus Ad Manager
  • Fix icons not showing if the "light" typography is used
  • Fix codepen embed to work on AMP pages
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  • New styles added in 1.3.3 failed due to XF2.1 not supporting the _prepend that XF2.2 does
  • Andy/SimilarThreads renders doubly on AMP, this one fixes so the "wide" version is hidden
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Note to anyone upgrading from 1.3.1: Since version 1.3.2 the addon now uses the common thread_view-template. If some other addon inserts bad markup into that view, the AMP pages will be invalid until those are fixed.
  • Fixed the addon to strip out badly inserted scripts (single-quotes...)
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  • Support for XFMG
  • Support for XFRM
  • Share buttons fixed to show and work as intended
  • Fix a bug with RC5 stripping scripts that could break layout with some addons
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Since 1.3.2 now uses the thread_view template it must also strip out extra scripts added by other addons. This release solves that problem.
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@Sperber noticed admin spammed about errors due to a specific template using XF2.2-related functions.
This version includes a specific template for XF2.1
  • Fix compatibility with AddonFlare Paid Registrations
  • Hide the reply form when replies are allowed for guests
Okay, been working on this one all weekend, and now finally have the AMPXF addon running on XF2.1 and XF2.2 with the same package

For people currently on 1.3.1, this release doesn't do much other than enable compatibility with XF2.1
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This one includes a fix where the second load of a page would break the style so it looked like this (if within pageCache time):

Instead of the intended:

This problem only happened on a few forums, and seems to be related to stricter pageCache rules.