AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.8 Patch Level 4

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  • Automatically strip out inlined !important styles that some addons seem to add.
    • It is really weird they add that as inline rules should anyway take precedence...
  • Fix vote type threads to render the vote again, broken since a change in 1.2.0.
    • Big thanks to @rdn that raised this issue :) 👍
  • Custom page criteria for AMP / non-AMP notices.
    • Much easier than having to set some template magics..
  • AMS AMP pages are now enabled by default
    • Advanced option removed
  • Ad positions for AMS AMP added (only shows if AMS is installed)
  • Pixel for AMS AMP pages (so members online stats are correct)
  • Fix a bug where error is raised if no logo is defined and AMPBot visits
  • Improved code for CSS rendering
    • Compatibility with SV/RedisCache to force raw cache when generating styles. Otherwise risk for corrupted styles due to race conditions.
  • <amp-youtube> Component now also supports playlists
  • Compatibility styles with CMTV/Badges
  • Fix tiny compatibility bug introduced in 1.2.0 that made some custom developer thread types not render as AMP pages anymore
  • Fix so that the Ad position "Below messages" works without needing to have "Below widgets"-option checked
  • Initial support for AMS articles
    • AMP page will render with basic styling
    • Needs to be enabled under advanced options
    • Ad positions "Below/Below article" are disabled in this version (will be readded with AMP-variants soon)
    • Pixel for tracking/updating "Members online"-stats not yet added
As a feature requested by @Andro and @nodle (among others), which also very much makes sense, The AMPBot now also crawls the "inner pages" of a thread, and not just the first page.
  • Removed a style that was relevant for one of the beta test sites, but makes other thread stylings look odd
    • Only applied for images that are links
  • Add some more debugging data that help the AMPRobot check if the logo is correctly set to show on AMP pages.
Note: After installing this version, please refresh the page on to see that the AMPBot has noticed the "Installed version"-change, as it will tell you if some style things are still not correct 👍
  • Set template correctly to amp_thread_view so it can be used in page criteria
    • Now e.g. Notices can be set to only show on AMP pages
    • If you use Siropu AdsManager, it can also be set to NOT show on AMP pages
  • Fix username stylings to be included, thanks @Faust
  • Fix problem with <amp-iframe> not rendering if "100%" was set in width, thanks @CivilWarTalk
  • Comaptibility styling with following addons:
    • AddonFlare/AwardSystem
    • AddonFlare/Moods
    • DBTech/Shop
    • XFA/TrophiesEnhancement
  • Add some small debugging info related to logo width/height, so AMPBot can warn you if logo doesn't show
  • Logo style options moved into Style properties
    • Make sure the logo looks okay after installing (if you have styled it previously)
  • Noindex threads to not contain link to AMP variant, thanks @arn
    • AMP variant to also hold <meta> for noindex
  • Fix large smilie images in some cases
  • <amp-ad insertion of <head>-tag improved
  • Flushing style caches when editing e.g. border radius
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  • Smilies to render correctly even when emojiStyle is other than "native"
  • Fix broken url():s in styles
  • Add missing thread-prefix styling
  • Style fix for <amp-sticky-ad> so it is always "on top"
  • Fix a conditional bug for custom AMP logo
  • Automatically insert <amp-skimlink> code to <head> when used
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This release adds support for converting MathML formulas into nice looking Math equations. Option can be enabled under advances settings if your forum needs this :)

Someone asked, and we delivered :)

Payment for the addon can now also be done with the following cryptocurrencies:
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Coinbase
  • Dai
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Coin
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