AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.4 Beta 2

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  • Fix bug with amp-dailymotion videoid containing more info than valid id
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  • Improved stripping of <script>-tags that are not allowed
  • Improved URL check handling when whitespaces are included inside href="..." due to e.g. some Andys addon
  • URL checker less strict in case links have whitespaces around them
  • Fix compatbility with AddonsLab/Classifieds to work with newer version
    • compatibility check was a bit naive, new check should work for future versions also 👍
  • Make the Only show "Update Available"-messag for stable releases option enabled by default
  • Option to allow disabling the ads for specific thread ids
This is a Beta release, only install if you know what that means, or your forum runs on a "subpath" like /forums
  • Fix inline styles to have full path to reactions/smiley assets so they render correctly
    • Forums that are running on subpath like e.g. /forum or /community won't show reactions otherwise
  • Bugfix: Tumblr embeds showing a broken url in some situations
  • New installations: Ping sitemap for faster indexing
This is a beta release, don't install unless you know what that means :)
  • Partle revert style changes in Beta 4 release and split the compatibility file into 2:
    • One for styles that require less-functions from core XF
    • One for style compatibility (as previously existed)
This is a beta release, don't install unless you know what that means :)
  • Include amp_style_compatibility.less as part of ampapp.less so it doesn't throw error in case some addon relies on less functions that are part of default XF styles
  • amp-social-share icon to respect the fontAwesomeWeight set on the style
  • Add a compatibility fix for PHP7.0 (apparently all so far have been using PHP7.1+)
  • Include PHP version for debugging purposes (only AMPBot can see it)