AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.2.0

No permission to buy (€40.00)
  • Logo style options moved into Style properties
    • Make sure the logo looks okay after installing (if you have styled it previously)
  • Noindex threads to not contain link to AMP variant, thanks @arn
    • AMP variant to also hold <meta> for noindex
  • Fix large smilie images in some cases
  • <amp-ad insertion of <head>-tag improved
  • Flushing style caches when editing e.g. border radius
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  • Smilies to render correctly even when emojiStyle is other than "native"
  • Fix broken url():s in styles
  • Add missing thread-prefix styling
  • Style fix for <amp-sticky-ad> so it is always "on top"
  • Fix a conditional bug for custom AMP logo
  • Automatically insert <amp-skimlink> code to <head> when used
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This release adds support for converting MathML formulas into nice looking Math equations. Option can be enabled under advances settings if your forum needs this :)

Someone asked, and we delivered :)

Payment for the addon can now also be done with the following cryptocurrencies:
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Coinbase
  • Dai
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Coin
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  • Respect the default xenForo setting for cookie consent
  • Converts <audio> tags to <amp-audio>
  • Replace some non-allowed javascript:void() links
  • Some various compatibility "kludges" to work with themes that do things "not according to HTML5 spec.."
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If your forum is a non-profit, we now offer a license for 40€ with no daily traffic limitations.
The license is otherwise equal to a "Small" license in terms of support and renewal costs.
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  • Style property: AMP Page Body which allows to override the body color for AMP
    • This brings further compatibility with some themes that use transparent background on the normal p-body and add extra layers of elements to actually set it the color they want..
  • Automagically insert <amp-sticky-ads> for sites that define sticky ads
  • Bugfix: Attachments were not clickable due to a missing z-index rule
  • Bugfix(XFES): Reaction summary looked bad/weird when reactionSummaryOnLists was set to "Second row, opposite side"
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  • Fixed bug where attachment previews didn't show image/icon
  • Option to "Show link to canonical page" (the "real site" )
    • Can be styled under Style Properties
  • Allow using a custom logo specifically for AMP pages
  • Allow styling the background of header/logo which can be color or image.
  • Menu button can also be styled in style properties now
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  • TH-compatibility option to shrink font-sizes like they do in their themes
    • Still unclear exactly why they do this but..
  • Remove non-valid uix-data-href attribute added by UIX
  • Add footer attribution to AMPXF
    • Can be disabled in options
    • Not a link, only text
  • convert <video> to <amp-video> if some addon adds videos to content
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  • Only insert sprites for smilies that are used on a page
    • Reduces the CSS size 👍 and prevents hitting the limit if your forum has many defined custom smilies
  • Bugfix for PHP8
  • Bugfix for erroneously reporting errors to admin in case an _amp_media_site_X template is missing.
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