AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.8 Patch Level 4

No permission to buy (€50.00)
This is a beta release, if you are not sure what that entails, please don't install this version, and instead wait for the RC or Stable version :)
  • Loads the Font Awesome icons from your own servers instead of FA CDN, this has a few benefits:
    • light | regular | solid icon styles/weights will be respected
    • Many more icons avilable than in the free version
    • if your forum uses the "Font awesome weight" of "solid", this way will load less assets
    • no need to load all.css and needed icons are inline instead
  • Fixed a bug where <img>-tags with newline in them wasn't replaced with <amp-img>
  • Added alt text to logo, and aria-label to "logo homepage link". Thanks @briansol for reporting this 👍
How to disable a widget for AMP pages
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  • Also hide ads on the node views (not only thread views) if set to disable ads for specific node(s)
  • Advanced option added: "Disable AMP for Forum/Node pages"
  • Fix a bug where the canonical link was missing for tags pages (since Beta 4 where the head tags was set to be inserted like normal XF does it). Thanks to @Masetrix for reporting this :)
  • Add some missing colors for notices
  • Allow dismissing notices with amp-bind
  • compatibility styles for:
    • AVForums/PrefixEssentials
    • Andy/QuickSearch
  • Add some missing utility classes
  • Keep class-attr when converting <img> to <amp-img> if dimensions are known.
  • Fixed styling for article forum view with "preview"-style, thanks for noticing this @briansol 👍
  • Small improvement to MathML handler
  • Compatibility with addon TB/BenzerKonular (Turkish addon for "Similar threads")
  • Small improvement for compatibility with Andy/similarThreads
  • Insert <meta>-tags for sharing and similar like the PAGE_CONTAINER does it.
  • Fix <amp-imgur> to work in some cases where id is passed differently to template
  • Fix a potential bug with share_page_macros if forum owner has added own modifications to it
  • Compatibility with User Activity by Xon (hiding it, stats will anyway be "invalid" due to AMP caches)
  • Compatibility with AddonFlare ForumStats (hiding it until @AddonFlare provides a debug package)
  • Hide the non-functioning filterbar. Thanks @Anatoliy
  • Node icons to show the "comments" if the defined ones don't exist in Fontawesome Free
    • If exists will use similar icon.
Note: Don't install this version unless you are willing to have a forumlist / tagview AMP page that might look funky due to some other addon/widget incompatibility. (This is the initial version)
  • Added AMP variant for "tag view" (e.g.
    • Requested by a customer that ranks good for tag pages related to certain topics 👍
  • Added AMP variant for "main forum list" and "node list" pages
  • Disable pageCache for AMP pages, as it can otherwise "show" forums nodes that are hidden for members if a logged in user has visited the ?amp=1-page
  • Style property for setting Sidebar colors if they differ
    • Seems some forums running ThemeHouse/UIX need this
  • ThemeHouse font fix further fixed, apparently they do:
    • Set 62.5% font size on html-tag (This we already had fix for)
    • Set body-tag font-size to 1.5rem. (This we didn't have, making some forums font sizes be too small in some parts of messages...)
  • Ensure that "share icons" on bottom always show
    • Some themes seem to override these to weird values so they don't show correctly
  • Fix typo in comment in template :D