XenForo Insights

Our webinar series in collaboration with Audentio

Let's get together and talk about XenForo

From technical aspects to high level discussions on community, we'll be conducting occasional webinars to support the community and have various speakers join to share their perspective.

Get involved by letting us know you would like to join live, suggest a question or topic, or watch past episodes here.

Episode 3

Monetization: Generating revenue from your XenForo community

Your community may already be a priceless resource, but have you considered ways in which it can directly generate revenue?

Of course, you're probably thinking about running advertizing, but did you know that XenForo has extensive tools to build a paywall around content?

In XenForo Insights Episode 3, we discussed this and other related topics with the help of community strategist Alex Blake.

Episode 2

Moving to XenForo: Migrating from Other Software, and Upgrading

For episode 2, we covered the topic of migration, both from another community software system (importing) and, to a lesser extent, from an earlier version of XenForo (upgrading).

This time around, we used a more informal, round-table discussion format as we delved into the intricacies of how to achieve a successful result while avoiding any of the pitfalls along the way.

We also welcomed our first guest panelist, Stuart Wright of AVForums.

Episode 1

First Admin Tasks and Getting off the Ground

In our first episode, Kier from XenForo discussed the very first steps a new administrator should make after the software installation is complete.

Starting with a look at the Admin Control Panel user interface, he went on to look at a collection of options that need attention before your community can be unveiled to the public.

To follow, Mike from Audentio talked about some of the other tasks and challenges involved in getting off the ground, like where to find help and how to set up private access to specific forums.

The episode concluded with a Q&A session with the live attendees, with questions including whether or not forums remain relevant in today's Internet environment.