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[XFA] Media Of The Month [Paid] 3.5.2

Create Media Of The Month contests in your XenForo Media Gallery !

  1. XFA

    XFA Well-Known Member

    XFA submitted a new resource:

    [XFA] Media Of The Month - Create Media Of The Month contests in your XenForo Media Gallery !

    Read more about this resource...
  2. popr

    popr Active Member

    Interesting product. I would like to see a demo with a test user account to see how the voting and submissions work. I'd also like to see an album with several examples.
    A couple of questions...
    1) Is there a way to limit how many times a user may vote for different MOTM entries?
    2) When a user adds a new picture entry, can that photo be automatically posted to the MOTM thread with a link back to it for voting?

    I'd like to see a thread or post of the month add-on!
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  3. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    We have no demo at the moment, I might setup a demo tonight on our forum.

    Basically the screenshots are self explaining.
    The stuff is split in two phase, with configurable durations:
    • Submission phase: users have X days to submit photos or videos
    • Voting phase: once submission phase is finished, users have X days to vote for their prefered picture.
    Currently only one vote is allowed per user.

    Creation of a post upon new picture entry is already implemented.
    However, the post doesn't contain the picture, but yes that could be done.
    If you are interested in that feature please post your request in the Suggestion sub-forums on our website.

    That could be feasible, if you are interested please contact me by PM we can discuss it.
  4. popr

    popr Active Member

    Actually the screenshots won't show the action of voting. I would appreciate a demo.

    Is the user able to change their vote or once it's submitted it's locked?

    I think it's essential that the thread contains the picture with a link for them to vote for it (or to the album).
  5. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    It does:

    Nope, it's locked.

    Then please open a suggestion thread on our forum :)
  6. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

  7. popr

    popr Active Member

    Thanks for the demo. However, it is not obvious to me how to vote on a particular picture/media. Can you upload some from a different account so we can test that out? I'm assuming you can't vote for your own media.
  8. popr

    popr Active Member

    There should be a link from the media/MOTM back to the thread.
  9. DRaver

    DRaver Active Member

    Is it possible in a competition to deliver more than one vote?
  10. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    It's because currently you are in the submission phase.
    In 7 days the voting phase will start and you'll be able to vote.

    Good idea, please suggest it in our Suggestion sub-forum.

    No but good idea, please suggest it in our Suggestion sub-forum.
  11. popr

    popr Active Member

    I like your mod, but why do you keep insisting we register at another forum and suggest things there.. What's wrong with our suggestions here on xenforo? I'm not fond of having to register on 50 different forums just to make suggestions for different mod authors.
  12. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    Because it's easier to follow suggestions for me rather than digging through the whole thread you know.
    It's somehow like if for xF you were requesting feature on another forum while talking to one of the coder ;)

    But no worries, I'll note them myself.
  13. Donny

    Donny Active Member

    @MtoR My media of the month didn't process the new album this month.
    Cron is still there, just ran it, hasn't added it right now, but perhaps will at midnight? (I think it's set for then)
  14. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    You had set it for the 18th ?

  15. Donny

    Donny Active Member

    No the 1st, only just noticed, I've been off work for a couple of weeks.

    Should I reinstall it?
  16. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    So you meant it didn't generate on the 1st ?
  17. Donny

    Donny Active Member

    I've registered to your site and PM'd you my username and site URL. Can you add my license to my account so I can download 2.0 please?
  18. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    Finally no, I checked and it's not possible to easily implement as only one post is fired when user upload multiple medias.
  19. popr

    popr Active Member

    That's too bad. I think it's probably the most important thing missing.
  20. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    Indeed... the issue is that it's how the xenforo media gallery add-on works, when you submit multiple medias, there is no firing of a controller event for each media but at the end of the all medias process...

    So I don't have an easy way to know which image has been uploaded in that potential multiple upload process when the controller is fired.

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