Add-on PAID - Top Posters Of the Month/Year Addon W/Widget


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Looking to have the following made for contests each month and to re-sell here on the forum.

1. Gather up total posts not of all time but of each month + year. (This way we can see WHO were the top posters of the year all together)
2. Permissions to allow/remove certain usergroups from the total post count feature
3. Widget to show UP to top 10 users of the month.
4. Able to view widget for current month totals so guys would be in a race with each other
5. Page of stats for past months and current.
6. Have a Winner Icon/Ribbon effect for #1.


1. Pull from the Post Ratings addon on the top positive ratings of the month too.

Will pay top dollar and like I said I want to be able to be to resell this modification. @Chris Deeming @Waindigo @xfrocks @Jaxel @digitalpoint