XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO

XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

No permission to buy ($40.00)
@Jaxel, good job on Just loaded it up in my dev. Nice implementation. Much easier to fiddle and get right than dealing with extra.less code.
I currently have the forum at doamain.com/forum/, is there any way to put the portal at domain.com without affecting the forum?

I have it as my landing page (site is in my sig). You go to the ACP - Setup - Options - Basic Board Options and set Index Page Route to "ewr-porta/". Or at least that's what is working for me.
in the Style Properties, Masonry-Grid Height was set to 400px, after set to 0px articles shows normal.

but, in what propertie-group was the setting for contentbg?

In den Style Einstellungen, war bei Masonry-Grid 400px eingestellt, nachdem ich es auf 0 px gestellt hatte, verschwand der "weiter" link und der Text wurde wieder angezeigt.

Allerdings finde ich trotzdem die Einstellung zu diesem "fade" nicht. Wenn der "weiter" button erscheint.
Hi @Jaxel I have update the plugin to the last version, using XF 2.2 but all the firsts posts of the articles are disappeared.
But if I set an article again as a thread removing the prommotion to article, them appear again. Fo now after I have upgraded Xenforo to the 2.2 and the addon all the articles are shown with the primary content (first post) as empty.
How to fix this?
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Hi everyone,
Is it possible to add an HTML block between Above Split and the Articles list? I tried to number my Above Split widget with position 1,2,3 and then put my Above Full with position 4, didn't work.

The split widgets are flex boxes. You can just use CSS to maximize the length of a specific flex box.
This is my first Upgrade from to
I'm given the following option:
Overwrite existing files for add-on rebuilds / upgrades
By default only the changed files will be copied from the add-on archive. To overwrite all existing files check this option.
Should I upgrade or Upgrade and Overwrite all files?
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