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XenForo, will you be my Valentine?



As announced very recently; a free for download and to be used for Valentines: XenFans.com Valentine's Day Style.

If you like the style, feel free to leave a comment and download/use it.
If you feel the need for a suggestion to help improve next years version, by all means.
If you don't like the style, so be it - different folks, different strokes, feel free to move on and focus on what you do like. Here's an alternative.


A Valentine's Day style for your XenForo 1.0 board. With <3 from XenFans

Disclaimer: The style is and remains copyright and property of http://xenfans.com/ but is made available at no cost for download to xenforo.com and xenfans.com members. Distribution and sharing via other web sites is prohibited. The subtle credits in the footer to xenfans.com are to be respected. And please, enjoy the Valentine's Day theme!

This is a CDN hosted theme, permitted to be used for Valentine's Day. Revamping the style to your site is not allowed. Please note that a self hosted .zip file will become available to our Premium Members on the 16th.

Installation Instructions: Download the .zip file from xenforo.com or xenfans.com and unpack it. Import the .xml as a new child style below your boards' main style so it will adapt to your existing customizations and add-ons (hopefully). And that's it! Optionally you can announce to your members there's a new theme, or just make it the default on the 14th of February.

Example of Valentine's style running on a live site:

Donations: Nah, just like the post :) But if you must.




Any plans on maybe making a Blue version and not aimed at valentines?
Yes, we are releasing a blue-themed version of it, minus the valentine's theme on top of it. To our premium account holders within the next 6 to 12 hours, on xenfans.com. It will be a free for download to our premium users.

The schedule for the few small styles we're releasing between now and end of March is:

- Self-hosted version of the Valentine's Day style (no remote file linking) that users are allowed to use beyond Vday. (before 20th february)
- The below screenshot as a style. (between now and me going to bed)
- The XenFans main style. (before the end of the month)
- The XenFans cleancut style. (before 14th of March)
- The XenFans dark/black remix style (before the end of March)

All available to our premium members at no cost (that's the current plan at least).

Most of the styles we release are quite simple, and great for those who have customizations and just want an alternative simple version that they can put up as a child style. Or perhaps as a starting point for the style they're personally after.

We leave extensive styling to Miko/Pank.



I do. And all my work will be made available to our Premium users at no cost. The xenfans.com website theme as 'summer season', and the valentines one - for those who want to use it beyond valentines, and revamp it to match their site.