Xenforo TICKET SYSTEM for our own install?


Has anyone setup a ticket system for their own install, and if so, how did you do it?

Or how do you setup a support ticket system to help people with questions concerning Xenforo?

Thanks in advance!

A ticket system with priority options as a substitute for Contact form would be great.
@NixFifty is working on a ticket system.
Thanks for the interest in this!

As a resume -> there is no (good) Ticket System for @creativeforge .. 'cause this is the reason of the thread. The discussion about ******* is somewhere in the archive .. :p
I personally decided it is wiser to heed the counsel and find my addons at developers who have not fallen out of favour with the Xenforo team and community. I wasn't here at the time but caught the trail end of exchanges on here, and a couple more forums. I would not presume being able to judge the coding quality of an addon, but seemingly this situation wasn't about that. There may or may not have been misunderstandings, but something much more serious happened. What @mcatze says: Archives.

But a separate ticket support system would rock! :)