Add-on Ticket System - Looking for Feedback


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For a while in my free time, I've been hammering away on a ticket system. Right now, it's at a good stage and has a bunch of features to get it going but it has the potential to be so much more. It currently has things like custom fields, custom prefixes, categories with permissions, priorities, etc.

To take development of this further and get it ready for a release to the wider community, I am looking for some assistance with it's functionality and your thoughts on what it should (and shouldn't) do.

I have also set up a private forum to let you guys take it for a spin and see what it looks like so far so feel free to PM me to get access to that.
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We have that feature here, and its actually constantly used (if you aren't assigned to the ticket, it is automatically hidden).


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@NixFifty will you add staff/moderator/non-user visible only replies?

I know at work with our ticketing system, being able to reply to customer and then leave staff-only notes is critical.
Yeah, currently there is functionality for hidden replies between staff (only those with perms can see these kinds of replies). From my previous job, we also had a similar system to how XenForo's ticket system apparently works whereby if you're not assigned to the ticket, the response is automatically hidden. I have plans to integrate something like that too.


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I would like it so that if a staff member is not assigned to the ticket but has permissions in the category then the staff member should be able to see the staff discussion.