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I'm getting snowed under with PM, eMails and phone calls. So I'm looking to implement a proper support ticket system. How do you provide support for your communities. Do you use a ticketing system? Thanks
Take a look at Redmine. It's a rails app for project issue tracking and documentation that is free, open source, pretty extensible, and has a decently sized community posting how-tos, plugins (some free, some paid), some of which include a pretty nice helpdesk style ticketing system. There are also hosted solutions in case you didn't want to fiddle with installing it yourself, but I don't know off the top of my head of any that include the helpdesk type stuff off the bat.

The one caveat I'd offer is its UI is not as polished as something professionally done like XenForo or Zendesk (unless you do purchase one of the third party plugins for it that are nicely styled). But I've managed to scrape by on it at work for a few years now and it helps me keep a bit more sane with all the different balls that I need to keep juggling. I've got it set up with email issue creation/reply, so even seasoned email junkies who wouldn't dare touch a web app for commenting on a ticket can join in the fun

Not sure of the possibility of integrating it with XenForo, as I've never had an occasion to use both of them in the same domain, but I'll bet there's a way to integrate the authentication system if that is desirable.


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Hi, are these public forums or have you somehow managed to engineer permissions so only the thread starter and admin can see these threads?
They are public. There's nothing particularly sensitive in reports. Most of them are just stuff like "font is hard to see in this section of X style."

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Do you use a ticketing system?

I started with the above forum implementation approach, but eventually it becomes too cumbersome and XF permissions system isn't the best to control such things.

I moved to Pixel Exit's ticket system. The latest update fixed most issues now, making it a really solid ticket system for users and staff to privately resolve issues as a team.


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How do you set up the permissions so only the thread starter and mods can see the threads?
Node/Group Permissions for that specific forum:
Admin/Mod Perms: Can view others threads. (allow)
Regular User: Can view others threads (revoke)

The thread owner can see their threads but nobody's else's. Admins/Mods can see all threads clearly.
You can create a prefix group for the support forum with your desired categories.

If your volume is really high, I recommend Pixelexit's ticket system since it's integrated with XF and fairly easy to get going.

Low volume -- the single support forum should be fine.
I'm waiting for the ability to provide guest support . In XF, the use of guest posting without moderation (or, at least a message that states that the message is moderated even when it isn't actually ) is problematic . And Pixel does not handle guest support . On our site, half the support requests come from guests unable to register , or those who are not logged in because they cannot access their account .

Guest support is a necessary feature for any support system.


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I eventually went with Freshdesk, I am using their free version which gives me 3 free agents. It's handing the tickets very well, I especially like the phone and Ipad apps that alert me as soon as a ticket is raised. I highly reccomend it, the functions available on the free version are perfect for my busy forums (y)