Who uses /recent-activity/ here @ xenforo.com ?

Do you use /recent-activity/ here at xenforo.com ?

  • Yes, @ xenforo.com

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • No.

    Votes: 29 54.7%
  • No. But I do at my own site.

    Votes: 14 26.4%

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Not at all, actually I don't even use the news feed in here or anywhere for that matter. I don't know, I guess I just like to check the forum normally, unless I really want to know what the people I'm following are saying.


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if i don't see any new posts in the announcement forum i check my alerts, what's new?, news feed, than recent activity
recent activity is a very useful tool and i really stump into interesting materials when used...
anyway i would like one single page for all of these features ;)


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I've only used it for testing purposes. ( eg. to see how I can tell my users to take advantage of it )

For personal use - no, I don't use it, :oops: . I prefer to check the forums manually, although I know a few lazy people that needs it, :sneaky: .


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Seriously Id be interested to know from those who do use this - what do you find useful?
I mean I like to use available options fully so I might be missing something.


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I am always clicking onto "What's New". Never click on "Recent Activities"..... maybe because it is just too hidden under the Members-tab and maybe because there is just too much stuff showing in there which does not give a great overview due to a convolute of information.

- have a "Recent Activities" under the Tab "Forums" - which is showing activities related to the Forum, e.g. "XY replied to the thread", "XY posted a new thread", "XY liked thread ABC", etc.
- have a "Recent Activities" under the Tab "Members" - which is showing activities related to the Members, e.g. "XY posted a Status Update", "XY changed his avatar", "XY set their homepage", etc.

Would be great to have an ACP-option for that.



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it would be more useful if it didnt hide invisible people.
that fact that i cannot see those peoples posts in recent activity, but i can see them on whats new... well it boggles the mind.


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Yes but I'd call it Members Activities to make a clearer distinction from Whats New?
What you call it is a different story. My point is that people would rather click it if it would be not that hidden under the "Members Tab" and that a separation of "Recent Activities" would give a better overview for the user of what is happening on the site.

Maybe name it something like:
for Forums-Tab: "Recent Forum Activity"
for Members-Tab: "Recent Member Activity"