Recent Activity / Your Newsfeed / Stream for Sidebar


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I am looking for an Addon, which displays the "Recent Activity" and the "Your Newsfeed" into the Sidebar.

So I am looking for displaying the existing stream in the Sidebar, like those pages:

For Guests and for Members (who are not "following" anyone yet) show this in the Sidebar:

For Members (who already are "following" some other members) show this in the Sidebar:



Many thanks!



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I think it should be something like this:

Stream for Guests:
For Guests (not logged-in), show this in the Sidebar:

Stream for Members (2 Stream-Tabs):
For logged-in Members, show this in the Sidebar:

Tab 1:

Tab 2:

There should be no "inventions" like complicated Widgets, just displaying the existing default Streams additionally in the Sidebar..... in order to populate this empty Sidebar.



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Well, we made a long time ago and still using. But that work, include from Recent Activity page. I've added jQuery SlimScroll feature like this..

This is Recent Activity Feed..
ohhh..... this is looking great ! (y)
what are those 2 other Tabs you are having ?

wondering if we could get this as an "option" in XF-core ? :cool:
Miiiikkkkeeeeeeeeeeeee :p :D;)


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Glad to hear it, thank you :)
ÇM Tab = Recent Status Updates
Mobile Tab = People who using mobile in our site.. (send via iPhone etc. list)