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I searched this thread and saw that members are automatically subscribed if they have "Receive news and update emails" checked in their preferences.
In the options, the "default" Default Frequency is set to Weekly - which effectively makes it opt-out and means that everyone who has not explicitly chosen to not receive the emails by setting their personal preference to None (or Daily) will receive the weekly emails.

Change the "Default Frequency" to None which makes it opt-in and means that it will only send to members who have explicitly chosen to receive the daily or weekly emails.
Similarly, if they choose to receive emails and you have a default frequency set - then they will receive the digest email even if they haven't subscribed to them.

But when I ran this tool there were 0 results:

Oh, nvm, it was because I had "test mode" checked in /admin.php?add-ons/Hampel-WhatsNewDigest/options.

Nice addon, thank you!
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