XF 2.2 Posts not appearing in "What's new" from a specific forum


I am trying to set up a private support forum (Xenforo 2.2), where users can see only their own threads, but a select group of staff can see and respond to all threads. I am testing with two user groups, "guests" and "staff". Guests have the permission "View threads by others" = No, and Staff have "View threads by others" = Yes.

The problem is that neither group actually gets alerted properly to new posts. None of the posts in this forum appear in "What's new", either under unread posts or as new posts.

When a "guest" posts a new thread, if the staff member is subscribed to the forum they receive an alert that a new thread has been created, but they receive no alerts when there are replies on the thread. If they view the forum on the forum list, the title is bold to show there is something unread in it.

When a "staff" member replies to that thread, the "guest" receives an alert, but it does not appear in "what's new" so this is easily missed.

Forum users are highly reliant upon the "What's new" feature to know what has been posted, and are accustomed to look there to see new posts. This means that it is highly likely that staff members will miss discussions that are occurring in this forum, and fail to provide timely support. Also, it is highly likely that guests will fail to realise that their thread has been responded to.

Question: How can I make the posts which each person has access to in this forum appear in What's new, for both the "staff" and "guest" user groups?
Actually, that fixed one problem but introduced another, a clash with the "[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count" plugin.

The posts somebody can view now correctly appear in "What's new".

However, all new posts in the forum are counted by the Unread Post Count plugin, even if someone cannot view them. So for the "guest" group, if anybody posts anything in that forum, the Unread Post Count badge shows they have unread posts, but they cannot view them, so they cannot clear the badge. This makes it impossible to use that plugin when such a forum is in use.

Is there any way to get that plugin to correctly count posts on such a forum?
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