Stop some forums from listing posts in: What's New


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The best way to explain this one, is to post what I just said in a conversion on my own forum. Now I could be missing something here being new to using XenForo, please tell me if I am?

Maybe I'm missing a setting here or something. But the What's New link in the header navbar is pulling posts from the Imported RSS Feeds forum board (something I don't want to happen). Now with MyBB you can stop that by revoking Usergroup Search of that forum. But on looking at Forum Node Permissions there is no option on members group to revoke searching of forums (not that I can see anyhow).

It's there in the main member group "permissions setting" to stop searching, but not in forum permissions to revoke it based on each forum board you add. I cannot see a way how you can stop posts being pulled into "What's New" from that RSS Feed forum board. Hmm, I'll ask about this later on XenForo?

As I really don't want guests and especially members clicking "What's New" and being shown a long list of automated RSS Feeds brought in. I'd sooner cancel that forum out the "What's New" post listings.


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That's an option now in 1.1.

Click on the node and uncheck Include threads from this forum when users click "What's New?"


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Man, I'm going blind with all these questions I'm writing about getting them wrong. I was looking in a category forum node and seeing nothing there. I see what you mean now, you have to check "Forum Nodes" (not category ones) to spot it.

Thanks for that. :)