What happened to 'Whats New?'

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I'm certainly missing out on HYS, but the 'Whats New' option isn't in the options. Does that mean What's New is now limited only to 'New Threads' in all the forums?

What if I want to see updated threads?


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I prefer what's new myself, I assume we can change the phrase if we wish?


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Having used it for a short while I'm actually getting used to (and seeing the benefit of) the separation; I can see my usage pattern changing to a) checking watched threads (to catch up with previous conversations where I left off) - then b) checking new threads. (y)

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You have the opposite problem then.

"Updated Thread" suggests that it's existing threads that have been updated whereas it will also contain New Threads.


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How about "Unread Threads"? It's how it's described anyways: "These are all unread threads from XenForo Community." ...
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