What happened to Facebook - Share to a group ?


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Until recently if you shared to Facebook you had the option to share to a Group whioch worked well for pulling traffic back into the forums.
Now that option seems to have disappeared.....


The only options now are to share publicly, or to friends via various filters.
Well I've tried all the options and the facility no longer appears to be there....

- Click the Facebook share link on XenForo

- Pop-up opens as such.....


- The only options to share are to other people or on my Public profile, not to any specific groups I manage...



On the face of it, this sounds like Facebook doesn't want to leak activity to other platforms so they've disabled this function. Sneaky and underhand.
Yes it seems that way.
It was a great function to push snippets of posts from the forum to the facebook group which in turn pulled traffic in from the FB group to the forum. Keeping the two connected
I've just check on a previous version and it's as above, so it's not specific to XF versions

I'm wondering if it's a limitation imposed on my FB acount
It appears that there was a one-day restriction on my FB account at the beginning of February this year which prevents me from sharing to groups or feeds. It hasn't been lifted.

I've just tried to contact FB (Meta) but not holding out much hope of getting through to anyone
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What XF version are you using, as coincidently I only noticed the change after upgrading to ....15
Whatever the latest version is. I don't do much on the back end as I have someone that administers the server and did the update for me when I purchased the site. I am sure it is the latest of what ever the current one is.
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