What do you use to edit PHP files?


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What app do you use to edit PHP files, and why?

I use a mixture of Notepad++, Dreamweaver (CS5) and Expression Web (3).
Notepad++ -> Quick edits, nice handling of syntax etc.
Dreamweaver CS5-> Shows errors as you're doing things/ IDE
Expression Web 3 -> IDE/ loads quickly.


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I know people that prefer Netbeans over Eclipse. I've played around with both, but find myself doing a lot of editing in Textpad. Those of you with experience in Eclipse and Netbeans, would you like to compare features for us?


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NetBeans here

I used Eclipse sparingly but preferred NetBeans over it...I also use Notepad ++ for quick edits


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PDT (Eclipse). Was UltraEdit for years before that. A proper IDE really helps with the code completion in XF.